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Monday, January 30, 2012

How to Register on Digimon Master Online

First, you must open DMO's official website and create an account. The official site is http://www.joymax.com/dmo/. Here is the snapshot of the official page, just to make sure.

Not this one http://www.digimonmasters.com/. This one is for
Korean. Here is the snapshot to make sure you go to the wrong site.. LOL

Back to topic, after open the official site. You must register, have a verification email, and login.

Then don’t forget to accept the agreement, just click the digimon masters use agreement.

 Now, you are ready to download and playing the game.


pakdin said...

GM i have problem with connect failure

pakdin said...

plss help me to fix it

San said...

I am sorry, but I am no GM of this game. The failure should be cause by your connection proble, because the server seems to be no problem at all.

Anonymous said...

whenever i click the link to complete registration, i keep getting errors

San said...

which link? activation link?
try to delete ur cookies, or change ur browser.. dunno whats wrong, but sometimes it works.. LOL

Anonymous said...

tanks bro...........^^

Anonymous said...

hey bro,please help.
when i was log in, appear "Use agreement blablabla"
while i'd was agree in web joymax.
so can you help my problem ?
thx =))

San said...

u need to agree with user agreement by login in joymax home page

Anonymous said...

how to delete cookies?

~XiiaoBoix~ said...

I registered! but cant log in :/ i log in but nth

Anonymous said...

i've tried to all servers, but why whatever i choose my tamer it became stretching...its that a bug or what?

Qayyum Farhan said...

Can u give me ID

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