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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DMO on AeriaGames

Good news for people who can not play DMO in Joymax server until now! Because now, Digimon Masters is available in AeriaGames. To start download and play this game, visit :

Just do not forget to sign up at AeriaGames. Let's start playing Digimon Masters Online.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year 2013

[Game Update]
• New Year Event has begun
  - New Year’s Event! Let’s eat delicious New Year Cake!
  - Happy New Year! EXP Event!
  - Connect to Digimon Masters and Receive New Year’s Fortune Every day!
  - What I want from Digimon Masters in 2013!
  - Let your friend know about the return of Alphamon Ouryuken in Digital World!
  - Feel the Power of “A”, Alphamon Jogress Evolution Event!
• Alphamon New Mode Quest has been added (Alphamon Ouryuken)(Jogress)
  - Alphamon and Ryudamon is needed to get "Alphamon Ouryuken"
• Riding Mode has been added to Ryuudamon and Amagemon

Check out this cool video of Alphamon Ouryuken :

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Myotismon has been Released

After a long time, Joymax finally released a new digimon followed by new burst mode in the previous week, ChaosPiedmon. Here is a little description about how cool it is :

Level: Burst Mode
Type: Demon Man
Attribute: Virus
Family: Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms: Piedmon (Mega)

Then, come a new digimon, Myotismon. You can have more fun and adventure going through the Digital World. This digimon is virus attribute type of monster. Watch video below :

Myotismon's all skills and evolution line

Thursday, October 18, 2012

It has been a long time

Well guys, I must admit that I have gone for a long time. I check my DMO blog, but silly me I didn't check any of DMO's updates. My motive that there will be no update as long as there is no new patch. I am in the middle of mid-test exam right now. So, my plan is I will find out more about the new event "The War of Akihiro Kurata", news and discussion. Moreover, I found a forum for all Digimon Master Online's fan to have a little chit chat. Here is the link :

More info about weekly inspection :
Time of Completion: October 16, 2012 18:00 Joymax Standard Time
[Game Update]
• Mammothmon Skill has been fixed
• A problem with item Description in regular silk mall written as premium Silk has been fixed (Hyper canon)
• A compensation for the postponed update has been provided (Digimon Archive x1 for every account) --- Yeah!
• The war of Akihiro Kurata! Event has begun!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The war of Akihiro Kurata!

Akihiro Kurata’s experiences in the Digital World left a lasting effect on him, his fear of digimon led him to decide that Digimon were a menace and threat to humanity.
Kurata will lead an attack force into the Digital World, and used his Gizumon to ravage the Digital World and exterminate as many Digimon as possible. With the Gizumon's ability to permanently delete a Digimon, these actions will result in the very permanent death of many Digimon.
  digimon master online war akihiro kurata
DATS is the only remaining force that can stand against Kurata’s army, DATS leader Richard Sampson is summoning the top 20 Guilds on each server to depend the digital world and the server who has the highest reputation gained by the chosen Top 20 guilds together with their server will win a Equipment Package (7 Days) .
Event Period: 
- October 16 ~ 23,2012 (1 week) (Score boards for Guild Reputation will be posted every day at 01:00 Joymax Standard Time at Digimon Masters Facebook)
- The Prize will be given a week after the end of the event.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Coming Soon on September 2012

Machinedramon’s burst mode:
Chaosdramon b.jpg

Level: Burst Mode
Type: Machine
Attribute: Virus
Family: Metal Empire
Prior forms: Machinedramon(Mega)

New Digimon:
Mushroomon b.jpg 

Level: Rookie
Type: Vegetation
Attribute: Virus
Family: Wind Guardians / Jungle Troopers
Woodmon b.jpg 

Level: Champion
Type: Vegetation
Attribute: Virus
Family: Wind Guardians/Jungle Troopers
Prior forms: Mushroomon (Rookie)
Argomon (Ultimate) b.jpg

Argomon (Ultimate)
Level: Ultimate
Type: Mutant
Attribute: Virus

Family: Jungle Troopers
Prior forms: Woodmon (Champion)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dracmon Skill & Guide

Digimon Master Online - Virus Digimon


F1 : Undead Fang
        A terrible crunch attack that drains opponent's life. 
        Damage : 71 ; DS : 13 ; CD : 2
F2 : Eye of Nightmare
        Hypnotizes Digimon with the eyes on the palms of his hands to be his slaves.
        Damage : 336 ; DS : 45 ; CD : 15


F1 : Sticker Blade
        Flings thousands of tiny blades and instantaneously skewers the opponent from within. 
        Damage : 222 ; DS : 30 ; CD : 2

F2 : Black Mind
        Disassembles its own data and melts into the opponent's shadow.
        Damage : 505 ; DS : 51 ; CD : 4


F1 : Thousand Arrow

        Unleashes the rapiers stocked on its arms.
        Damage : 370 ; DS : 45 ; CD : 3

F2 : Chouzetsu Rappashu
        A strong kick drawn from the Burudoggu martial arts.
        Damage : 847 ; DS : 114 ; CD : 5


F1 : Gorgon Eye

        Uses its evil eye to imprison within darkness the hearts of the opponents that gaze at it. .
        Damage : 426 ; DS : 162 ; CD : 2

F2 : Crystal Revolution
        Instantly transforms all of the opponents into ice crystals
        Damage : 1830 ; DS : 184 ; CD : 8