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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year 2013

[Game Update]
• New Year Event has begun
  - New Year’s Event! Let’s eat delicious New Year Cake!
  - Happy New Year! EXP Event!
  - Connect to Digimon Masters and Receive New Year’s Fortune Every day!
  - What I want from Digimon Masters in 2013!
  - Let your friend know about the return of Alphamon Ouryuken in Digital World!
  - Feel the Power of “A”, Alphamon Jogress Evolution Event!
• Alphamon New Mode Quest has been added (Alphamon Ouryuken)(Jogress)
  - Alphamon and Ryudamon is needed to get "Alphamon Ouryuken"
• Riding Mode has been added to Ryuudamon and Amagemon

Check out this cool video of Alphamon Ouryuken :


The Hergula said...

I actually liked the event and heard goot things about it yet I hope that they continue with events like this.

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