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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to Use Attribute

To be able to use an attribute, first you need to identify it. Go to the equipment merge, you can meet these people around western village, yokohama, and any other place.
Talk to this person. Choose "Attribute Analysis"
This AP Attribute Rank C need to identify first. As you can see, this attribute will have
point range between 30-40. It means after you analysis it, it will randomly have 30-40 point.
Note : Attribute Item - Glove means that you need glove to merge it.
           More info about rank and attribute item, visit "What is Attribute"

Register it, and click Analysis.

When it completes, it will show you how many points the attribute has. For this attribute, it only has 34 point. Remember, it completely random.
After analyse it, now it is time to merge it. Talk to the person again, choose "Equipment Merge"
Prepare your glove, because AP Attribute only applicable at gloves. Register your glove. See, there is slot, register your attribute. The cost will depends on what ranking and what kind of attribute. Each kinds is different. Click "Merge"

Now, you will see that your glove has been merged. It will increase your attack by 18 points if you equip it. Why only 18? Because the applycable rate is only 55%. See the picture below :


Anonymous said...

How about tamer limitation means ? you haven't discussed it yet.. and about the difference between rank a, rank b, c and so forth ?

San said...

it is pretty obvious that you can't equip it when your tamer's level is below the limitation. about the differ, read "what is attribute" I'll give the link to this post

Anonymous said...

Thanks! :)

Khoiri Uswanto said...

Just asking,
when you using Attribute Analysis, there is 2 square in the middle, what the use of this two square ??? thanks b4 ^^

San said...

that is a mystery.. LOL.. I didn't realize it until now.. dunno, it has no effect, may be next year they will add more features LOL..

Nick Forsgren said...

I'm having an issue it says register equipment after I performed the first couple of steps.... Like I have 4 attributes and no where to put them.... HELP!

San said...

sorry, I can't understand what do u mean.. can u explain me more detail?

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