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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What is Attribute

Sometimes in Digimon Master Online, you will get some items dropped by wild digimon called "Attribute". Attribute is some kinds of item that can increase your tamer's status by merge it into tamer's equpment. There are many kinds of attribute, and with different rank.

Kind of Attribute : HP Attribute, AP Attribute, DF Attribute, MS Attribute, etc. The HP Attribute will increase your tamer's Max HP, AP Attribute increase your tamer's attack, MS for movement speed, and you will explore the other by see for yourself.

Ranking will differ how many points that the attribute has. For example :

HP Attribute Rank C will increase your Max HP more than HP Attribute Rank B. You will notice that HP Attribute Rank C has 60-80, but HP Attribute Rank B only 40-50. For the lowest rank is Rank A, and the range point goes up at Rank B, or even Rank C the highest rank so far.

 "Attribute Item - Jacket", means you can only merge it in your jacket. As well as the other.
Here is some list :
  HP Att - Jacket
  AP Att - Glove
  DF Att - Pants
  MS Att - Shoes
  DS Att - Accesories

Now, what is the meaning of the range points? As you can see, the red word says "Not Identified (Merger Not Possible)" It means that you need to identify it first to able to merge it, or use it. Visit this page to learn how to identify attribute "How to Use Attribute"


Anonymous said...

Hey,where can i get AP attack rank c attack for glove ranging from 60-70 ?

San said...

I think NeoDevimon from oil-3 drop that rank C attack (AP) attribute

Anonymous said...

Guilmon drops (AP) attribute rank C

XD said...

and who drop attribute rank D? can list them? thx

San said...

you can get it from scanning high or super class eggs in maze. I was planning to list it, it may take a long time, and I am still working on Leveling Guide requested by Lukas. please wait.. ;)

Anonymous said...

Do you know who drops the MS Attribute Rank B ? I have it 2 ea but I didn't remember where did I get :(

and also the DS Attribute Rank B/C ? :D I forgot, if it is on DT or else ._.

Thanks :D

San said...

DS Rank B is dropped by NeoDevimon in Oil -3,
MS Rank B is dropped by Pumpkinmon in Western Area West,
and DS Rank C is dropped by skullgreymon in Oil Refinery.. ^^

Anonymous said...

DS Rank C is dropped by darkskullgreymon in Dark Tower.

Fran said...

HP rank D who drops?

San said...

I am sorry Fran I can't help u with that. I've personally never gotten one of rank D attribute.

Toasty Engineer said...
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Toasty Engineer said...

Could you please give me a list of all digimon that drop attribute C.

San said...

AT rank C - Saberleomon
DE rank C - Gizumon
DS rank C - Skullgreymon
HP rank C - Darkwormmon

Toasty Engineer said...

ty very much :D

Toasty Engineer said...

one other thing
i noticed that there are different types of attribute rarity classes
so could you tell me what enemies have the best drop rate for all attibute C that are epic rarity

San said...

I don't have any info about that. sorry..

Toasty Engineer said...

thanks anyways :D

sonny sonny masagung said...

San,you know blue jeans from what??,pant tamer<<

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