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Friday, February 24, 2012

All About Digi-Egg

There is an item call Digi-Egg in Digimon Master Online. You can get many kinds of digi-egg from wild digimon. What digi-egg use for? You can scan or return this digi-egg to earn some items or some money. To do this, find Panchessmon White. You can find him in almost every town.

Now, I will explain about what information can you get from a digi-egg. Take a look at this picture below :

As you can see, the red arrow above shows you at what rank and what class is your digi-egg. The blue box shows you how much will you get for return it and how much will you need to pay to scan. These informations are very useful to help you to determine what will you do to your egg, scan it or return it.

There are 3 kinds of Digi-Egg in Digimon Master Online.
First is Digi-Egg for return, you can get this egg from any wild digimon. What can you do with this egg is return it to NPC to obtain some Bits, or Megas. To know more about this kind of egg, see "All About Digi-Egg For Return"
Second is Scannable Digi-Egg. You can return this kind of egg to get some Bytes. However it will be more interesting to scan it. It will randomly give you an item depends on its class and rank. To know more what kind of items will you get from kind of egg, see "All About Scannable Digi-Egg"
Third is Hatchable Digi-Egg or Mercenary Digi Egg. You can hatch this Digi-Egg and earn a new digimon. To know more how to hatch it, visit "How to Hatch Mercenary Digi-Egg"


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