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Sunday, February 26, 2012

All About Scannable Digi-Egg

There are 4 kinds of Scannabel Digi-Egg in Digimon Master Online. Each kind will give you a different kind of item. Remember, sometimes this egg will give you nothing too. It's completely random whether you will get an item or not. Beside class, the higher rank and higher class will give you more quality item. Rank 2 is better than Rank 1, High Class is better than Low Class, and so forth. First kind is Normal Item :

What will normal scannable digi-egg give? This egg will randomly give you disc, food, squipments, or even nothing. The higher the rank and class, the more quality disc or food will you get. For me, it will be more benefit to refund this kind of eggs. Because the randomly kinds of item sometimes only make your inventory full. Second is Magic Item :

What will magic scannable digi-egg give? There are 2 kinds, the picture you see above which has 125 Bits scanning cost will give you a chip, rock digi egg will give you rock data chip. You can't get another item. The other which has 113 Bits, or may be more cost will randomly give you disc, food, clothes, shoes, acc, or some chips is possible too. Third is Rare Item :

What will rare scannable digi-egg give? This egg will randomly give you attribute or chipset. This egg has a bigger chance to be empty, dunno why. Remember, the higher rank and class will give you very quality chipset sometimes. Fourth is Epic Item :

What will epic scannable digi-egg give? Some people found this question very useful because the scanning cost is too damn high. Most people ask fot what IceDevimon Remaining DATA give. Well, it is completely random. I have scanned this kind of egg for three times. What I got are NSP [AP] Chipset +21 twice, an attribute rank B, which is not worth it. I read at some forums that someone got an evolutor from this egg. So, be wise. It's all depends on your luck.


Anonymous said...

you can also get NOTHING from the epic item, that's why i got when i scanned it

Anonymous said...

LOL, I guess you were incrediblely unlucky.

Anonymous said...

i scanned it and got a refund egg which gave me 5m which wasn´t worthed!

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