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Friday, February 17, 2012

What is Family Attribute

Other than Digimon Attribute and Elemental Attribute, there is Family Attribute too in Digimon Master Online. To know what is your digimon's Family Attribute, open your digimon status menu. For example, my elecmon's family attribute is Nature Spirits.

Unlike Digmon Attribute and Elemental Attribute that forms a cycle about what effect they have againts another. Family Attribute is paired with Chipset to boost your digimon's status. Some digimon include in more than one kind of family.
There are total 9 kinds of Family Attribute and each of them is paired with different Chipset. To know more about Chipset and how to use it, visit "How to use Chipset" From the left side, you will see the symbol of the Chipset, followed by the name of Family Attribute, and some examples of digimon that include the Family Attribute.

Dragon's Roar emblem. (Agumon, Guilmon, Dracomon, ...)
Nightmare Soldiers emblem. (Impmon, Renamon, ...)
Nature Spirits emblem. (Gaomon, Elecmon, Gotsumon, ...)
Jungle Troopers emblem. (Lalamon, H-Kabuterimon, ...)
Wind Guardians emblem. (Piyomon, Birdamon, ...)
Deep Savers emblem. (Kamemon, Gryphonmon, ...)
Metal Empire emblem. (Metalgreymon, Metalgarurumon, ...)
Virus Busters emblem. (Dokunemon, ...)
Unknown emblem. (Anubismon, Flymon, ...)

Note : Not all digimon is same evolution line have the same Family Attribute. For example, Kotemon's Family is Nature Spirit, but LordKnightmon's Family is Virus Busters. So, always makes sure to check it.


Anonymous said...

where can we find chipsets with virus busters emblem?

San said...

I personally confused by myself. I have never found one in DMO English Version. Lemme tell you if I get the information..

Anonymous said...

Your list excludes DA(Dark Area)

San said...

make sense. however, does dmo has any of digimons with that dark area attribute? or it has just been updated? can you help me for the information, thx

Anonymous said...

it can be found by scanning digieggs. I found 3 already

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