Digimon Master Online


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Released DMO Update 21 February 2012

Welcome to DMO's Carnival! In this new released update, DMO added a new, challenging "Digimon Monster Card System" You can get Monster Card from random wild digimons in every areas. Use that card to summon the monsters. If you can beat all the summoned monsters down within certain time limit, you will get Evoluter, Mercenary digi-eggs and many more rare items. Moreover, you get experience just like hunting wild digimons.

There are two types of card :
1. Normal Random Monster Card
From this type of card, normal random monster card and boss digimons are randomly summoned.

2. Boss Monster Card
From this Boss Monster Card, a Boss digimon which is stated on monster card is summoned. Party play hunt is recommended

I got all the information from DMO official site. DMO also provide an example how to use this card so it becomes clearer for all of us. Take a look :


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