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Monday, February 6, 2012

All About Size Difference

The basic point is bigger means stronger. It's all decided by size percentage and it affects our digimon status a lot. The big status differences is at the 10% interval, means 81%-90% has an average similiar status. However between 91% and 90% has a slight difference status.

75-80     : Very Weak
81-90     : Pretty Weak
90-100   : Weak, close to normal status
101-110 : A little bit stronger than normal digimon with 100% size
111-120 : Stronger
121-129 : Far stronger
130        : Only 1 for each kind of digimon, the strongest one

The other difference is digimon with more than 100% size has some kind of blue or red colored aura. Like you see in this picture of my elecmon below. It has 114% size. The other digimons that has 120% size has purple aura and dense purple at 125% above.
You can change digimon's size by some items. To know more about it, visit "How to Change Digimon's Size"


Anonymous said...

ehhmm...digimon gets the first blue aura at 110% then the PURPLE(not red)aura comes at 120% then the lighter more visible purple comes at 125%

San said...

ok, thx for the information ^^

ShadowJae said...

what about red aura ?
and what size to get red aura ?

Anonymous said...

then 3/5 can be 4/5? you the MF step by step?

Anonymous said...

use* i mean

Anonymous said...

The aura is by level, not size.

Anonymous said...

The aura by level can too, by size can too, 120% size purple aura, 110%-119% have Blue Aura

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