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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All About Intimacy

In the tamer's status menu, you will see large box at right bottom side with yellow number. What is it? It is called intimacy in Digimon Master Online. Take a look at this picture below :

For the example, my tamer has 33 points intimacy. It means that around 33% of my tamer's status will be added to digimon's status. In the left, you see the digimon's attack point's detail.

1. 41 points is the digimon's base status
2. 32 points is added fromtamer's status

The intimacy level is different on which digimon you use. So, it's not part of tamer's status that will increase when you level up. It shows the connection between you and your digimon.
Intimacy raises while doing melee attacks (while the range is increased by reaching the next digivolution level) The intimacy will back to minimum level when your digimon die. Basically, when your digimon reach :
Rookie       = will have 0 - 15 max intimacy
Champion  = will have 10 or 20 max intimacy
Ultimate     = will have 15 or 25 max intimacy
Mega         = will have 20 or 35 max intimacy
Maximum intimacy = 55 (use equip from cash shop)


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