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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Partner Digimon : Gaomon



Gaomon, a bestial Digimon in its childhood, has a wind property. Gaomon's ultimate attacks include the "Double Back Hand," where Gaomon rotates its body and attacks with centrifugal force; the "Rolling Upper," which has a fast spin and jump; and the "Gao Rush," which has quick, successive punches.

Growth Model

Rookie(Gaomon)->Champlon(Gaogamon)->Ultimalte(MatchGaogamon)->Mega(MirageGaogamon)->Burst Mode(?)
Gaomon Stage Rookie Basic Ability
Gaomon Type Close Attacker
HP Health Point 380
DS Digi -Soul 65
DE Defense 4
AT Attack 102
AS Attack Speed 2300
Attribute Data
Skill 1 Gao Rush
Skill 2 Double Back hand
Skill 3 Rolling Upper

Gaogamon Stage Champion Basic Ability
Gaogamon Type Quick Attacker
HP Health Point 630
DS Digi -Soul 165
DE Defense 9
AT Attack 174
AS Attack Speed 2500
Attribute Data
Skill 1 Dash Double Claw
Skill 2 Spiral Blow

MachGaogamon Stage Ultimate Basic Ability
Machgaogamon Type Quick Attacker
HP Health Point 900
DS Digi -Soul 265
DE Defense 15
AT Attack 288
AS Attack Speed 2700
Attribute Data
Skill 1 Winning Knuckle
Skill 2 Howling Cannon

MirageGaogamon Stage Mega Basic Ability
MirageGaogamon Type Quick Attacker
HP Health Point ?
DS Digi -Soul ?
DE Defense ?
AT Attack ?
AS Attack Speed ?
Attribute Data
Skill 1 Gale Claw
Skill 2 Double Crescent Mirage
Skill 3 Full Moon Blaster


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