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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Partner Digimon : Agumon



Agumon, a reptile Digimon in its childhood, has a fire property. Agumon’s ultimate attacks include the “Pepper Breath,” which shoots small flames from its mouth; and the “Spitfire Blast,” which collects blazes in its mouth and shoots a ball of blazes at the opponent.

Growth Model

Rookie(Agumon)->Champlon(GeoGreymon)->Ultimalte(RizeGreymon)->Mega(ShineGreymon)->Burst Mode(?)
Agumon Stage Rookie Basic Ability
Agumon Type Close Attacker
HP Health Point 400
DS Digi -Soul 85
DE Defense 5
AT Attack 95
AS Attack Speed 2300
Attribute Vaccine
Skill 1 Pepper Breath
Skill 2 Spitfire Blast

GeoGreymon Stage Champion Basic Ability
GeoGreymon Type Range Attacker
HP Health Point 640
DS Digi -Soul 185
DE Defense 11
AT Attack 238
AS Attack Speed 3600
Attribute Vaccine
Skill 1 Mega Flame
Skill 2 Mega Burst

RizeGreymon Stage Ultimate Basic Ability
Rizegreymon Type Range Attacker
HP Health Point 950
DS Digi -Soul 285
DE Defense 20
AT Attack 243
AS Attack Speed 2500
Attribute Vaccine
Skill 1 Trident Revolver
Skill 2 Rising Destroyer

ShineGreymon Stage Mega Basic Ability
ShineGreymon Type Close Attacker
HP Health Point ?
DS Digi -Soul ?
DE Defense ?
AT Attack ?
AS Attack Speed ?
Attribute Vaccine
Skill 1 Shine Hammer
Skill 2 Glorious Burst


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