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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chip and Digi-Egg

You can get any kinds of digi-egg from killing wild digimon. When you scan the digi-egg which costs 125B / scan, then absolutely you will get the chip. There are 8 various chips in Digimon Master Online. Chip is used to inject data for hatching digi-egg. If you want to hatch Beast Mercenary Digi-Egg, you will need Beast Chip. If you want to hatch Bird Digi-Egg, you need bird chip. To learn how to hatch, visit "How to Hatch Mercenary Digi-Egg"

beast chip Beast Chip, drop from beast type digimon
bird chip Bird Chip, can be obtain from bird type digimon

bug chip Bug Chip, drop from all bug type digimon
dark chip Dark Chip, obtain from dark type digimon
fire chip Fire Chip, obtain from fire type digimon
plant chip Plant Chip, get from all plant type digimon
reptile  chip Reptile Chip, can be obtained from reptile type digimon
rock chip Rock Chip, drop from rock type digimon
water chip Water Chip, drop from water type digimon

Mercenary Digi-Egg is dropped by some wild digimons. If you want to obtain Agumon Mercenary Egg, you need to kill Greymon, Metal Greymon, or Wargreymon. If you want Gabumon Mercenary Egg you need to kill Gabumon, Garurumon, Were Garurumon, or Metal Garurumon. But the chance is very little to drop a mercenary digi-egg.
beast egg Beast Mercenary Egg
bird egg Bird Mercenary Egg
bug egg Bug Mercenary Egg
dark egg Dark Mercenary Egg
fire egg Fire Mercenary Egg
light Egg Light Mercenary Egg
plant egg Plant Mercenary Egg
reptile egg Reptile Mercenary Egg
rock egg Rock Mercenary Egg
water egg Water Mercenary Egg


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