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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Digimon Master Online Tamer's Status Guide

Tamer's status' menu can be opened by press 'C' button in your keyboard. All about your tamer's information will be provided here. Take a look at the picture below :
1. Name                           : LiYongSan
2. Jacket Equipment        (+HP)
3. Pants Equipment          (+DE)
4. Gloves Equipment        (+AT)
5. Shoes Equipment         (+MS)
6. Costume
7. Accessory Equipment   (+DS)
8. Digivice Slot
9. Guild                            : HolySinners
10. Ability
        > Attack                   : 44
        > Defense                 : 6
        > Health Point          : 630
        > Digi Soul                : 450
11. Intimacy                     : 20

Intimacy is an indicator that shows how close you are to your digimon. What for? To know more about Intimacy, visit "Digimon Master Online Tamer's Intimacy Guide"
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Equipment is combined with an item called ATTRIBUTE, so it can raise your tamer's status. To know more about Equipment, visit "Digimon Master Online Equipment Guide"
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Attribute is an item that can boost your tamer's status.
Attribute need to be merged with the equipment.
Attribute can be found by killing any wild digimons.
Attribute has ranking from A (the lowest) to D (the highest).

More information and guide about how to merged the attribute, visit "Digimon Master Online Item Attribute"


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