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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Digimon Master Online Tamer's Intimacy Guide

Intimacy is an indicator that shows how close you are to your digimon. What for? The closer you are, the stronger is your digimon. Sounds great!

The number shown above '33' is a percentage. It means 33% of your tamer's ability goes to your digimon's ability. See picture above, 41 is the base attack points of my digimon and 32 is ability points that goes from tamer's status (98*33%).
Intimacy can increase and decrease. The range level of intimacy will grow depends on your digimon :
     Rookie          =  will have 0-15 max intimacy
     Champion    =  will have 10-20 max intimacy
     Ultimate        =  will have 15-25 max intimacy
     Mega             =  will have 20-35 max intimacy
     Maximum intimacy = 55 (by using equipment from cash shop, +20 intimacy)
Intimacy will decrease when your digimon's HP is lower than 20%. Moreover, intimacy will back to minimum level when you have logged out or died. To increase your intimacy level, go battle your digimon with some wild digimons. The percentage will increase 1 by 1 until it reaches the maximum level.


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