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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Digimon Master Online Tamers Guide

There are 4 tamers available in Digimon Master Online. They are, from left : Yoshino Fujieda, Thomas H. Norstein, Marcus Damon, and Keenan Krier.

Each tamer has their own status :
       Attack (AT), Defense (DE), Health Points (HP), Digi Soul (DS)

Marcus Damon
      Originally known as, Daimon Masaru in Japanese Animation
This middle-schooler would rather fight than have something to eat. After having a fierce fight with 'Agumon' when he ran into him one day, the two suddenly became sudden friends, and even partners. DATS's commander recognized his potential by Digivolving 'Agumon' to 'Geogreymon' and promoting him to be an official member.
AT (Attack) DE(Defense) HP (Health Point) DS (Digi-Soul)
10 2 90 80

Thomas H. Norstein
 Originally known as, Toma H Nosyutain in Japanese Animation
This 14-year old genius finished college at the age of 12. His intelligence is highly acknowledged around DATS. His pride and cold-heartedness in tackling on missions by using data and theories sometimes cause friction with Marcus, who mostly acts on impulse.
AT (Attack) DE(Defense) HP (Health Point) DS (Digi-Soul)
8 1 100 90

Yoshino Fujieda
Originally known as, Fujieda Yoshino in Japanese Animation
At eighteen years of age, Yoshino Fujieda is the oldest member of the group, compared to Marcus Damon and Thomas H. Norstein. She likes taking care of others and putting the finishing touches on the team's work all the time. Even though her colleagues at DATS generally trust her, she sometimes acts on her own, and dumps hard and unpleasant jobs on boys like Marcus and Thomas.
AT (Attack) DE(Defense) HP (Health Point) DS (Digi-Soul)
8 1 90 100

Keenan Krier
Originally known as, Noguchi Ikuto in Japanese Animation
[coming soon]
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