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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Digimon Master Online Item Attribute

Attribute is an item that increase your tamer's status. To do this, you need to merge your item to your equipment. Attribute is dropped by some wild digimons. Each kind of digimons drop a different kind, different class, and different rank of attribute. Here is the information you can get from an attribute.
digimon masters online attribute merged identify guide

Red Line :
-->  This means your attribute can increase your tamer's HP
-->  Rank D is the highest rank so far which is means that this item increase your
       tamer's status a lot more than rank A, B, or C
Green Box
-->  Kind of attribute shows you that you can merged this item to Jacket
Purple Box
-->  There are 4 different classes of attribute, each class give you different points
Red Font :
-->  Tamer Limitation means you can not use this item if your tamer's level is below requirement
-->  Not Identified, you need to indentify it first so you can merge this to the equipment
Brown Line : 
-->  You can get exact points between 136 - 176 points when you identify it
-->  The exact points will be transfered to your tamer's status after you merge it
digimon master drop attribute item rate guide


There are 5 kinds of attribute. The example above is one of it, HP attribute. The 4 others are AT attribute, DF attribute, MS attribute, and DS attribute. HP for health points, AT for attack, DF for defense, MS for movement speed, and DS for digi-soul. Each kind of attribute can only be merged to specific equipment. For example is HP attribute can only be merged to Jacket, DF attribute to Pants, and others. You can visit "Digimon Master Online Equipment Guide" to see the match up and how is the equipments will affect your attribute points.
digimon masters online item merged equipment attribute


There are 4 different ranks so far. From the lowest is rank A, B, C, to D. Higher attribute's ranks give you higher random points.You need to identify the attribute first to get an random exact point before you merge it. For example, you can get random DS point between 144-187 on DS attribute rank D, while only between 27-48 points on DS attribute rank A. However, higher rank means higher tamer limitation too. For example, DF attribute rank B can be used when your tamer reach lv 18 while DF attribute rank D need you to achieved tamer lv 41 before you can use it. Beside ranks, there is another thing that affect the attribute's point interval, class.
drop MS attribute, drop AP attribute, drop DS attribute rank


Here I will give you 4 example of different attribute. You can compare between kind, class, tamer limitation, and so forth. For class. there are 4 classes of attribute. First is normal item, second magic item, third is epic item, and fourth is unique item. So what is the class' effect for the attribute? Simple, it basically reduce the points interval. For example, take a look at 4 pictures below, an unique item has 7 points interval, 10 points interval for rare item, 20 points interval for magic item, and more than 40 points interval for a normal item. Pretty simple, isn't it?

These informations will help you to know a lot of things about attribute. Here is the summary :
1. Check the tamer limitation, make sure you don't try to use attribute beyond your capability.
2. Check the kind of attribute, make sure you have the equipment needed.
3. Check the exact random point you can get after identify the attribute.
To know more about how to identify and merge the attribute, visit "Digimon Master Online Identify and Merge Attribute Guide"


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