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Friday, March 16, 2012

Digimon Master Online Scannable Digi-Eggs Guide

Scannable Digi Egg is droppable by every wild digimons with a lower chance of dropping than Digi Egg (for return). There are 4 classes of Scannable Digi Egg. Each class will give you a different variation class of items too. Before scanning, make sure to check the rank of digi egg. 
    "Rank _ / ___ Class"
      --> Rank is determine what kind of item will you get. Bigger rank give you more variaton.
            So, rank 3 means your item is between rank 1 to rank 3.
            For example :  Rank1 give you food; Rank2 give you disc; Rank3 give you equipment.
                                    It means when you scanning rank 2 digi eggs, it will give you both food
                                    or disc randomly with a bigger chance to get food.
      --> Class is determine the quality of the item. Bigger class means a better item.
            Unlike rank, higher class give you higher interval of variation.
            For example :  Low Class give you disc A ; High Class give you disc D or E
                                    It means there is no way you can get a disc A from high class digi egg
    "Rank 1 / DATA"1
      --> This kind of scannable digi egg won't give anything unless a DATA chip.
            What kind of data is depends on your type of digi-egg.
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More example about rank and class of Scannable Digi Eggs in Digimon Master Online.

Scannable DigiEgg ; Normal Item

Item Given for scanning :
  -  Food, Disc, Vitamin
Chance to get : Food < Disc < Vitamin

Scannable DigiEgg ; Magic Item

Item Given for scanning :
  -  Rock DATA Chip
Chance to get : 100%
Scannable DigiEgg ; Rare Item

Item Given for scanning :
  -  Chipset or Nothing

Rare item digi egg has a bigger chance to give you nothing than a chipset.
Scannable DigiEgg ; Epic Item

Item Given for scanning :
  - Disc, Food, Vitamin, Attribute, Chipset,
  Equipment, Evolutor, Nothing, and others.
Chance to get :
  Better item means less chance.

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