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Thursday, March 1, 2012

How to Get Chipset

Chipset in Digimon Master Online is not droppable. You can get a chipset by scanning a rare scannable digi-egg. For more information about that egg, take a look "All About Scannable Digi-Egg" at rare item section. Now, what kinds of chipset will you get from the digi-egg? It depends on what kinds of egg. For example, you can get JT Chipset  from Insect digi-egg just like the picture below.

What type of chipset will you get? HP, DF, or AP? Well, it is completely random. One thing for sure, you won't get high class of chipset from a weak digimon. Chipset has level too. See picture below :

The picture above shows chipset level at 25, it means you got this chipset from digi-egg dropped by digimon which has lever higher than 25. For example, you can get NSp Chipset from beast digi-egg which is droppable from elecmon, leomon, panjyamon, or saberleomon. However, what will you get is slightly different level of chipset. You can get NSp [AP] +54 from saberleomon, but no from elecmon.


Anonymous said...

saberleomon doesnt give you nsp+54/nsp+31 or any other level 5 nsp chipset. You have to get nsp eggs which drop from grankuwagamon in dark towers.

Anonymous said...

what do you do with the nsp chpset

San said...

you can equip nsp chipset in ur digivice to boost your digimon's status. just make sure the family is compatible with the chipset

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