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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Digimon Master Online Equipment Guide

Equipment is combined with an item called ATTRIBUTE to it will raise your tamer's status.

                           > Jacket        : Combine with HP Attribute  (+HP)
                           > Pants          : Combine with DF Attribute  (+DE)
                           > Gloves        : Combine with AP Attribute  (+AT)
                           > Shoes         : Combine with MS Attribute  (+MS)
                           > Accessory   : Combine with DS Attribute   (+DS)

After merged with the attribute, your tamer's status will increase depends on your attribute points and equipment's applicable rate. Applicable rate shows you how many points of the attribute will be transfered to your tamer's ability points.
    Ex : Applicable rate is 55%   -> it means only 55% of your merged attribute will be
                                                     implemented into your tamer's ability points. (33 + 27 = 60)

Some equipments are available for shop. You can buy jacket and pants at yokohama, gloves at digimon farm. Some equipments like accessory can be found by scanning an egg.


Johnny Jakova said...

what eggs must scan to get accessory ?

Hobie Abel said...

How does the tamer evenhave an attack stat,they don't attack do they?

ShadowJae said...

plant digi egg scan cost 160 u get it

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