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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Digimon Master Online Mercenary Digi-Eggs Guide

Mercenary Digi Egg is hatchable digi egg that can give you a new digimon. Mercenary Digi Egg is droppable from wild digimons with a very small chance. What type of digi-eggs depends on what digimon you have killed. Not all digimon will drop Mercenary Digi Egg.

Beast Mercenary Digi Egg
Bird Mercenary Digi Egg
Devil Mercenary Digi Egg
Dragon Mercenary Digi Egg
Fire Mercenary Digi Egg
Insectoid Mercenary Digi Egg
Plant Mercenary Digi Egg
Rock Mercenary Digi Egg
Aqua Mercenary Digi Egg

You can try hatching these mercenary digi eggs to get new digimons. To know more about how to hatch the mercenary digi eggs, visit "Hatching New Digimon Guides".
Beside trying to hatch your mercenary digi eggs. You can scan it to get items.
For example :
I put gomamon egg to the scan box

Item Given for scanning :

 More information about digicore, visit "Digicore Guide"

 Aqua DATA Chip is obtained because I scanned Aqua Mercenary Digi Egg
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By all information given above, you can consider what best for you, scan your digi egg or return it for a refund.


Anonymous said...

What is the drip rate, like what is the chance percentage that a digimon will drop a mercinary egg?

Anonymous said...

like 15 percent

kylian van de ven said...

yeah what is the percentage of each digimon that can drop mercenary eggs because i lose 2 eggs in the incubator whil i was trying to hatch them it was agumon and gabumon i want them really and also i want veemon to i got not enough money to buy these egg from other people (btw my gaomon is level 32 so where can i get those fast please send me a message to my youtube account TPCrapit)

Anonymous said...

I lost Elecmon and Bakemon to the Incubator...

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