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Saturday, February 18, 2012

How to Use Chipset

There is an item called Chipset in Digimon Master Online. Chipset is some kinds of emblem that will boost your digimon status. Many kinds of Chipset are available. To be able to use it to your digimon, you need to pair it what kind of Chipset to the Family Attribute of your digimon. To know more about what Family Attribute is in pair with, visit "What is Family Attribute"

To be able to use Chipset, you need to meet some certain conditions. For example:

The conditions are your digimon's minimum level is 25 and must be Nature Spirits. This Chipset will increase your digimon attack by 21 points. Chipset lv means your digimon need to reach at least that level to be able to use it, and digimon lv indicates your current digimon's level. After you reach all the conditions, it will show you "Able to apply ChipSet Ability" instead of "Unable to apply ChipSet Ability.

See the picture which appointed by the arrow, you have 2 available slots. You can insert your ChipSet in your digivice by drag your chipset into available slot. Remember, once you inserted it, the ChipSet can't be sold to another tamer. It will become your personal item.
When all have finished, check your digimon's status. For example, take a look at my digimon's status. It has 126 attack point. 70 points from base attack. 14 points from tamer's intimacy. 42 points from 2 NSp [AP] Chipset + 21 which increase my digimon's attack point.


epul said...

is gabumon use chipset natural spirit too?

San said...

yup! gabumon's family attribute is Nature Spirits. So you can apply Nsp chipset to him

Anonymous said...

WOow coool dude nice working keep it up :D

Anonymous said...

how do i get more then two slots?

San said...

sorry, but you cannot get more slot

Anonymous said...

what function had this "Tamer Skill"-Slot?

San said...

sorry, but tamer's skill do not provide anything yet. may be Joymax will do something and add more features about that later.

Militan Tasmania said...

klo untuk falcomon chitset apa?

tolong kirim ke militan.tasmania@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

all i want to know is how do i get "all family" chipsets i know they exist and i would like to get them if i can i just dont know how to get them please be kind enough to tell me

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