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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Partner Digimon : Lalamon



Lalamon, a flora Digimon in its childhood, has an earth property. Lalamon's ultimate attacks include the "Lala Spiral," which rotates the leaves on her head and the "Sing a Song," which uses sweet songs to make the opponent fall asleep.

Growth Model

Rookie(Lalamon)->Champlon(SunFlowmon)->Ultimalte(Lilamom)->Mega(Rosemon)->Burst Mode(?)
Lalamon Stage Rookie Basic Ability
Lalamon Type Range Attacker
HP Health Point 370
DS Digi -Soul 110
DE Defense 3
AT Attack 65
AS Attack Speed 1400
Attribute Data
Skill 1 Lala Spiral
Skill 2 Sing a Song

SunFlowmon Stage Champion Basic Ability
SunFlowmon Type Close Attacker
HP Health Point 640
DS Digi -Soul 185
DE Defense 11
AT Attack 167
AS Attack Speed 2500
Attribute Data
Skill 1 Cactus Tail
Skill 2 Sunshine Beam

Lilamom Stage Ultimate Basic Ability
Lilamom Type Quick Attacker
HP Health Point 900
DS Digi -Soul 265
DE Defense 15
AT Attack 269
AS Attack Speed 2500
Attribute Data
Skill 1 Marvel Shot
Skill 2 Lila Shower

Rosemon Stage Mega Basic Ability
Rosemon Type Quick Attacker
HP Health Point ?
DS Digi -Soul ?
DE Defense ?
AT Attack ?
AS Attack Speed ?
Attribute Data
Skill 1 Rose Spear
Skill 2 Forbidden Temptation


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