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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Released DMO Update 14 Feb 2012

Joymax, publisher of Digimon Master Online (English Version) has released new update at valentine day. There are 3 new digimon and 1 new slide evolution digimon (for salamon). Here is the detail :

1. Dobermon

Dobermon is champion digimon, you
will unlock cereberumon at lv 25 and anubismon at lv 41

2. Dorumon

Dorumon is a rookie digimon.
It will digivolve to :
> Dorugamon
> DoruGreymon
> Dorugoramon.

 3. Kotemon

Kotemon is a rookie digimon.
It will digivolve to
> Gladimon
> Knightmon
> LordKnightmon

               GLADIMON                                                          KNIGHTMON

Those all the three new digimons. And the new slide evolution digimon is Ophanimon.

Salamon > Gatomon > Angewomon > Magnadramon

Joymax has release a slide evolution for Angewomon, the Ophanimon. In order to unlock Ophanimon in Digimon Master Online English Version, you need to reach lv 65 and an item called Holy Spear. I need to check out more about this. Because in Korean Version, many conditions are needed. You need to use accelerator, intimacy lv must more than 35%, etc..


Anonymous said...

for Ophanimon, it seems that Ophanimon is the other mega for Angewomon not the burst mode of Magnadramon, is that right ? So, do we need to achieve Lv 65 to unlock the Ophanimon ?

San said...

Sorry for the wrong information. I was thinking that Ophanimon is the burst mode of Magnadramon. I took that info from: http://forums.onlinedigimon.com/Thread-Tips-Tricks-Walkthrough-for-Digimon-Masters-Online
I will update soon, thx for reminder by the way

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