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Friday, February 10, 2012

How to Active The Riding Function

Have you ever wondered how tamers can ride their digimon? Lets discuss about it. There are some digimons that can be ride in Digimon Master Online.
Some digimons that I know can be ride are Drimogemon, Garurumon, Birdramon, Saberleomo, Beelzemon, and many more. You can find out by take a look at digimon's status. If it has "R" sign, it means that the digimon or its evolution can be ride.
There are some cases. As you can see the "R" sign is red. That means
the riding mode is inactive. For elecmon, the mega stage (saberleomon) can be ride. However, we need an item called Mode Selector to active it. You can buy this item in cash shop or from other tamers. 1 Mode Selector for ultimate stage, 2 Mode Selector for mega stage. You don't need Mode Selector for champion stage. Now, to know how to ride it, visit "How to Ride Your Digimon"


Mrkwonfull said...

What if the the letter "R" is not in red? what does it mean?

San said...

if it is grey, it means you are in the right evolution stage for ride. however, you need to active the riding function first with items needed

Daniel RYQ said...

For what digimon is riding wing then?

San said...

it is for other digimons, each digimon requires different item to be able to be ride. For example : gabumon, you need rider wing to ride garurumon, but you need mode selector to ride metalgarurumon. Usually, mega stage needs mode selector beside of rider wing.

Anonymous said...

i just hatched my drimogemon and i have the rider wing but as you said its grey and i need some other items for it, what do i need? and how would i be able to get them.

San said...

you just need to summon your drimo, right click at the rider wing.. and it is done..

jordan posthuma said...

i have the standard issue rider wing and a drimo but it wont work

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