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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The war of Akihiro Kurata!

Akihiro Kurata’s experiences in the Digital World left a lasting effect on him, his fear of digimon led him to decide that Digimon were a menace and threat to humanity.
Kurata will lead an attack force into the Digital World, and used his Gizumon to ravage the Digital World and exterminate as many Digimon as possible. With the Gizumon's ability to permanently delete a Digimon, these actions will result in the very permanent death of many Digimon.
  digimon master online war akihiro kurata
DATS is the only remaining force that can stand against Kurata’s army, DATS leader Richard Sampson is summoning the top 20 Guilds on each server to depend the digital world and the server who has the highest reputation gained by the chosen Top 20 guilds together with their server will win a Equipment Package (7 Days) .
Event Period: 
- October 16 ~ 23,2012 (1 week) (Score boards for Guild Reputation will be posted every day at 01:00 Joymax Standard Time at Digimon Masters Facebook)
- The Prize will be given a week after the end of the event.
1. Top 20 Guilds from each server will be the representative of the server that they belong too.
2. Guild Reputation will be recorded at the start of the event. (Reputation of the top 20 guilds only)
3. Guild Members from the top 20 must work together to gain “Guild Reputation” 
Guild reputation is gained by the guild points of each member of the guild.
4. For one week  “Guild Reputation” will be recorded and everyday a score board for the increase in reputation on each of the top 20 guilds per server will be posted at our website and in game announcement (will be done by a GM) so that all the players is up to date on the score of each server.
5. At the end of the event a score board with the total of the accumulated “Guild Reputation” from each server will be posted at our website and Facebook.
6. And the highest server who accumulated the highest “Guild Reputation” will win the event.
7. And for the guild that contribute the highest “Guild Reputation” all members of that particular guild will be given 10 pcs 300% Exp. Booster (The MVP Guild on every server)
  dmo war pvp digimon master online
Victory Server – Equipment Package (7 Days) (all players of that particular server)
MVP Guild (1 Guild Per Server) – 300% Exp. Booster (All of the members of the guild)


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