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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Released DMO Update April 17th, 2012

New released digimon, new riding mode, and new items.
• New Digimon Terriormon & Comandramon has been added in Cash Shop
Gungnir (Item to evolve Guilmon to Gallantmon) has been added in Cash Shop
Dexdorugreymon Riding Mode has been added
• 300% amplification Booster (1 hour) 12 Units has been provided 
Moreover, there are 2 events released by Joymax:
[First Event : April, 17th ~ May, 22nd]
First event is just like any other event. New drop item called Terriermon Dolls. Collect and trade them to Frigimon to receive a special reward.
Reward for staying online :
What capsule coin do? You can trade it to NPC to earn random items.
For more information about Capsule Coi, visit "Capsule Coin Guide" [coming soon]
What can you do to Soulmon hat? You wear it as a hat equipment..
For more information about Soulmon Hat : visit "Soulmon Hat Guide" [coming soon]

[Second Event : April, 17th ~ May, 1st]
A new way for Joymax to make us, gamer to stay online longer.
This new event is so interesting. I have no idea what GM is like. One thing I know as rumor said. GM's tamer's level is beyond the maximum level of any other tamers. And if I am not wrong, I have ever met him before with his Gallantmon, and he is at level 80 or 90 I forgot. So, good luck finding him. Do not forget to ask him to trade and call a monster card for you and your party. Take a screenshoot to win more rewards. For more information visit the official site.


Anonymous said...

I got soulmon hat(permanent).What can I do with this hat? I use it as equipment, but no effect. This soulmon hat dont give me any exp boosts at all. this hat has 100% applicable rate, what attribute can be merged to this hat?

San said...

the exp boost is applicable by soulmon hat (7 days) in korean version. it seems the event is different with DMO English version. please wait for soulmon hat guide and explanation.

Anonymous said...

How do you get riderwing for Garurumon?

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