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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Released DMO Update May 23th, 2012

[Game Update]
• New Digimon Starmon, Lopmon & Wormmon’ has been added in the Cash Shop.
Trojan Horse & Tyrant Crow has been added.
• Field Drop Digimon has been added (Dracomon Blue/Green).
• EXP Booster Items in Premium Mall has been changed to be exchanged (tradable).
• Collect Terriermon Doll event has been extended for 1 more week.selected as winners’ has been
• A notice has been posted for the problem that Crystalloid was deleted
   -->Hell yeah! "Due to the disappearance of the crystalloids item for the quest Twelve
        Heavenly Generals [May], We the GM team have decided to give that title to all players,
        it will be given on the 5thof June, 2012,"
 digimon online master item event update digi egg hatch reinforced master skill guide
[Game Event]
Stay connected every day up to 4 hours and you will get some nice items which can be traded.

Fruit of Giant Growth will increase your digimon's height temporary, so it is not worth much.
Star Fragment, Leaf, and Piece of Rope can be traded to Lopmon, Wormmon, and Starmon.
digimon item
You can find them at Dats Center, close to Director Hashima. One more, there is some mistakes made by GM. Here is the deal :


squall lee said...

where do you even get pieces of rope!

San said...

by stay connected every day up to 3 hours, the only way u can get the reinforced is online daily for 25 days

Anonymous said...

anybody know where "Star Headbands" placed ? at Hat slot or another ? ....

i think if "Star Headbands" just hv same option with Hallowen Hat Apply ATT 100% and placed at Hat slot ... i'll not take it ..

San said...

I will post it immediately, please wait.. it is still under investigation.. ;)

San said...

I find your answer, read the newest post.. thanks

Anonymous said...

how long will piece of rope event last?

San said...

it will be ended on June 19th, 2012

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