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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Released DMO Update August 22nd, 2012

Hi guys! Sorry for a long unclear condition of this blog. I just came back from holiday yesterday and not too suprising that I missed a lot of things. "^^a
Wonderful day for Joymax, especially for DMO. It has been 1 year since DMO launched and the result somehow fascinating. Many people from around the world is playing this game untill now, even some have fallen into another game. LOL

[Game Update]

• New Mercenary Digi Egg(Dracmon) has been added
• Cash Item ‘Giga scaleBetamon Burst mode has been added to the cash shop
• Amplification booster 200% 1Pc/5Pcs/10Pcs’ has been added to the cash shop
• Field Drop Mercenary Egg (Goblimon) has been added
• ‘DATS Headquarter’ Map will be modified
• Digimon Masters First Aniversary event begins

3 hours for an egg and 5 hours for a coin. I think it is worthy enough since the price is awesome. By scanning 1st Anniversary Egg you can get Agumon, Hawkmon, Impmon, Guilmon, or Mechanorimon. As for 1st Anniversary Coin you can get Gungnir, Z'd-hou, Duo Solar Spear, Holy Spear, 1st anniversary title, Cosignment Shop License for 7 days.

As usual, new drop item. Trade 300 fragnant flower (300?!) for 1st Anniversary Gift Boxes and scan it to get backup disc, evolutor, evolutor x3, Mystery Mercerary Digi Egg, or Mystery Reinforced Mercenary Digi Egg randomly.

Well, a competition. Good luck for everyone who join this competition. The reward is somehow too common for me, evolutor and digi egg (lame...).


Otakore Literantadodist said...

Where do I exchange the 1st Anniversary Coin?

San said...

NPC lalamon at dats center

San said...

sorry, it goes for 1st anniversary box.. to exchange the coin, you need to go to the NPC gaomon at dats center

Anonymous said...

Whats the cake for and how to you exchange it?

Anonymous said...

I agree i have the FULL cakes but what good are they?

San said...

10 cake holders selected at random per server, higher number of cake means higher chance of winning.. good luck

maxi reta said...

as I can accept the rewards? because when I put the letter down the screen appears I get a window with the rewards and transfer them to my inventory as

San said...

sorry, but I can't understand what were u trying to say

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