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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Released DMO Update August 7th, 2012

Sorry for a late update guys. Good news for Hawkmon lover, its burst mode, Varodorumon has been added. Do you have any idea why Joymax keep adding a new burst mode every week? Are they ready for a PvP? Well, we all hope so. Beside this digimon, Sharmamon or you should say Shamanmon (same digimon) has been added too.

[Game Update]
digimon master sharmamon skill guide
Sharmamon has been added in the item mall
   - Get one "Shining Gold Medal" for one Sharmamon Egg
Holly Wing which can digivolve Hawkmon into Varodurumon (Burst Mode) has been added
• Field Drop Digimon ‘Betamon’ has been added

Sharmamon Evolution & Skill

Funny quote :
   "I dont get how an ape turns into a mammoth ?"
   "That´s the difference to Pokemon, everything can turn into everything"


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