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Friday, August 3, 2012

Digimon Master Online PvP Preview

Hello guys! There is a good news for you, Digimon Masters Lovers. Joymax has been working on new feature, PvP Battle. For some people who has been following GDMO since beginning untill now, I think that you feel the same way - boring. However, this PvP Battle will give more fun and thrill experience. Your training won't be in vain. Let's take a little cool preview.
digimon masters gdmo pvp battle released
Ready for new experience?

digimon masters online random PvP battle
Random PvP Battle? Sounds great!


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

when does this come out?

San said...

I can't answer it. Joymax hasn't told us about that.

Anonymous said...

yes finally was waiting for this like crazy
number 12 in lilithmon leader board

Eustace Griffin said...

its look crazy, better if they make something like digimon rumble arena. This one no action and strategy at all, they fight like an animal

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