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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Digimon Master Online Skill Breaking

Has anyone heard of this word before 'Skill Breaking'? To put it simply, skill breaking is a method to increase overall DPS (Damage per Second) by execute digimon's skill while attacking. First of all, we all need to know how to calculate our digimon's DPS. Check your digimon's AT (attack) and AS (attack speed).
digimon masters online damage per second dps
digimon masters attack speed damage
AT is how much 'damage' will your digimon deals per attack.
AS is how many 'seconds' will your digimon need to launch an attack.

Damage Per Second

It means you can calculate your digimon's DPS by divide its AT with AS. For example :

Level 31 Agumon Starter:
AT: 150
AS: 2.387 (AS is high because Agumon use 3 or 4 hit combos per attack)
So the DPS : 150/2.387 = 62.840 DPS

Level 43 Elecmon:
AT: 110
AS: 1.100 (AS is lower cause Elecmon is one hit Digimon)
So the DPS: 110/1.100 = 100 DPS

From the example above, you can learn that good AT doesn't mean good enough. You must notice that AS is holding an important role too. So the question is "Does lower AS mean better?" Well, two answers. Yes! Because it means higher DPS. No! Because? Lets learn about Skill Breaking so that you will decide your own answer.

Skill Breaking
dmo skill breaking is
As I said before, skill breaking is a method to increase overall DPS.  But how exactly? From above, you can learn that lower AS means one hit per attack, and higher AS means 3 or 4 hit combos per attack. 'What if you can make this combo stop, but still doing the same damage?' While doing combos, your digimon needs more than a second to finish the attack animation. However, you can cut it by executing digimon's skill and still dealing the same damage. Awesome, isn't it?

what is skill breaking in digimon masters
Skill breaking is essential in PvP battle or fighting boss digimon. However, sometimes a great DPS is better for hunting.


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