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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Released DMO Update July 3rd, 2012

There is another annoying update from Joymax. People are disapointed in NEW DIGIMON that they promised, which is NO DIGIMON by the way. The good news is Joymax promise about NEW DIGIMON is released on July 10th. More, the skill of Belzeemon and KingEtemon has been upgraded, or should I say balanced. I think they prepare for a PvP program that will make this game more interesting, so they working on balancing the skill. Hope so... For now, Joymax only change Belzeemon and KingEtemon skill, not status, the KingEtemon A.S. still pretty fast which is not good for skill break.
# Hmm.. I haven't writen about digimon status by the way. I will work on it.. LOL

[Game Update]
• The discount Event ‘Digimon is on Sale!’ has begun, ended on July 10th
    - Impmon, Gatsumon, Goblimon 50% Discount
    - Buy Impmon, Gotsumon, Goblimon, get a chance to have 
      10 pcs 300% Amplification Booster (40 Lucky Players Only)
    - 40 Tamers who succeeds to make Impmon, Gotsumon, Goblimon, 5/5 
      will get 10 pcs 300% Amplification Booster
• June Achievement Event has ended and July Achievement Event has begun.
• Skill Balance of Beelzemon and KingEtemon has been improved.
• The bug on Seadramon drop has been fixed.


Anonymous said...

Hi, My name is Emmanuel, and i from Argentina, I want to say thank you for the information, and i will continue following the blog...

Sorry for my English xP

San said...

it's ok, I am not an native either, LOL.. thx for your support, you're welcome.. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, im Emmanuel, Again xD ^^

Do you know the Piedmon´s Stats?

Thank you!

San said...

hmm.. sorry, but no, there is no information I can get for piedmon's status for now, especially piedmon hasn't released yet.. I will try to collect it when piedmon has released..

Anonymous said...

what is skill breaking?

San said...

skill breaking is when your digimon has a high attack speed, it means you still can do a lot of damage by using skill in the beginning of its attack.. so it save you more time to do the next normal attack.. I will provide more information clearly soon..

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