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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to Recommend Your Friend in DMO

Hello Tamers! Regarding the Friend Recommendation Event, only new tamers who registered can be a referred friends. If you are a new tamer, just click on the Friend icon found on the right side of your screen. A textbox below will appear.
You can input the tamer's name of the player who recommended you. Remember, only old tamers.  The referrer's tamer should also be online and he should accept the request.
how to recommend friend dmo digimon masters online friends


Anonymous said...

thanks... i was looking for this!!! and i found it here... thanks once again and again.

San said...

you are welcome ^^
thanks for visit my blog

Anonymous said...

when i click on the icon, it doesnt show up :(

Anonymous said...

when i log in I can not see that button

alif flame said...

how to use friend name as chat..example
(friend)shiro:hey what is u name
(me)alex:my name is..bla bla bla..
(me use name shiro) shiro:huhuhuh

how to make i can use name from other person
>>have a short key?

hope u can understand what i write this..sorry my english not good

Anonymous said...

when i enter my friends name it said target level not adequate. what does it mean? what level? she's level 14 tamer with level 16 palmon and 26 renamon

Anonymous said...

This doesn't work anymore. I tried and there's no button on the right side

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