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Sunday, July 22, 2012

My New Game, Divina Online

Well guys, I know this game has nothing to do with Digimon Master Online, but at least I wanna share it with you about the new game I've been playing lately, Divina Online. This new game is published by US Beanfun on June 12th, 2012. Shortly, I will explain about some features I like in this game that made me almost play this MMORPG game everyday.


Sidekick is like your partner in the form of rabbit or mouse (you can choose). By having this partner, you can consider how to build your sidekick type.

Quick Class Change

This one is my true favorite. In Divina Online you can change your main class into other class (ex : knight to cleric). What's fun about it?! Well, imagine you are on the PvP game and you are as a machinist (like a sniper) is having a trouble with a knight, but suddenly you can change into a sorcerer. The table is turned?!

Guild vs Guild

Sounds great? Try it by urself.

These three features above is only three. You can find a lot more interesting features that I guarantee, it won't dissapoint your desire. LOL

I will give you some screenshots of the game at the bottom of the page. Sorry, for anti-anime game player. This Divina Online is a 3D anime game. If you are interesting about this game, please visit my new blog "http://divina-online.blogspot.com". This blog is still undergoing, but you can follow my latest update everyday. More over I have added a complete beginner's guide, so that you are not completely blind about this game. Happy playing!! ^^


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