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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Released DMO Update July 24th, 2012

The new event "Digimon Masters Minis Sports Festival" seems very interesting with a lot of events coming up, although the design is kinda lame #for me =P

[Game Update]

• New Digimon ‘Betamon’ has been added
Ornis Wing (Piyomon Burst Mode, Ornismon) has been added
• Friend Recommended Event has been added

Enjoy Digimon Masters with Friends!

You have friend who likes digimon also? Invite him/her to play. You can won some prizes.

Gift of Betamon

Stay connected as usual, you can get a fabulous prize Evolutor. But wait! That is a piece of evolutor, not an evolutor. To get an evolutor, first you must gather 7 piece of evolutor and talk to frigimon to trade it. So that makes a total of 35 hours online for 5 days. Moreover, to get a fabulous mystery reinforced digi-egg, you need to gather 45 betamon dolls which can you obtained by stay online for 3 hours every day. That means you need to stay online for 3 hours for 23 days within 27 days (time event). #am I jobless?

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! We are the champion!!

Another drop item event. By hunting digimons, you can get a medal. The medal you've gotten can be traded to mudfrigimon. You need 60 bronze medal, 5 silver medal, or 1 shining gold medal to get the prize box.

Who is the Digimon Masters Mini Sports MVP?

You can get a thropy by hunting digimons. The thropy can be collected untill the end of the event. Tamer with the most thropy will win the event and 20 tamers will be chosen randomly too, to win a consolation prize.

The other events are related to competition and cash-user, such as buy betamon digi-egg. If you are interesting, you can get more information by visit Joymax official site.


Anonymous said...

How do u get the silver and gold medals? cause im only getting bronze medals

San said...

you need to gather 60 bronze medals, talk to mudfrigi to exchange it for 1 silver medal. it goes for silver medal too, you need 5 silver medal for 1 shining gold medal. however, you can trade the medal with the avatar box / costume box by choosing an option "shop" while talking to mudfrigi.

a little information, a rare box can contain :
gods fruit, mystery egg, mystery reinforced egg, 3 evos

however, you still can get only 1 evo instead of 3 evo.. all depends on ur luck.

Anonymous said...

Ok thanks

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The tip for Gift of betamon say u can scan your dolls, what's that all about?

San said...

I am pretty sure that joymax wrote it wrong. The real thing is you need to get 45 betamon dolls, exchange it for reinforced digi-egg, then you can get 4/5 or 5/5 digimon from it

Anonymous said...

Oh, okay, thanks!

febyan said...

why only 27 days for betamon dolls T.T

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