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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Digimon Master Online Accessory

There is a new accessory event item called headband in Digimon Master Online. It looks like the headband is a different accessory from soulmon hat. As you can see two pictures below, the left one only use soulmon hat without star headband. And the right one is using both of soulmon hat and the headband. digimon master online egg guide skill scan me df ap chipset atttribute
What I am afraid of this GDMO system is different with KDMO. I just asked a random tamer in GDMO, and he showed me that he can only use between soulmon hat or the headband. So, please wait for more information. Some comments and informations will be very helpful, thanks..


Hi guys  ^^
I got this helpful information thanks to "ProfElias" (Lucemon Server)
So, the headband in English Digimon Master Online is equipped at the same place as glasses. So, it won't be very useful for tamer who wants to increase the maximum digi-soul.


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