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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Digimon Master Online D-Terminal B2

D-Terminal B2 is for tamer level 50++
The dungeon is pretty much the same as B1. Here is a cool preview about D-Terminal B2 Map. Hope you enjoy it!
digimon master dungeon map monster location level guide digivice tamer level
D-Terminal B2 Map Preview

NB : Some digimons like phantomon hasn't been released yet in GDMO
digimon location guide monster level in maze and terminal b2
Digimon Master Online D-Terminal B2 Monster List (Level 74-76):
Monodramon, Sinduramon, Hagurumon, Keramon, Cyberdramon, Wendigomon, Phantomon, Groundramon (Mini Boss), Diaboromon (Big Boss)


Anonymous said...

I heard from the GM guide that u can train ur digimon in D-Terminal Dungeon B2 from lvl46. So I want to see all the digimon I can train there from lvl46 to lvl75. I want to see their levels too.

follow my steps:

1. Start and log into ur game.
2. Go to D-ternminal dungeon b-2.
3. Click "M" to open the map of that place.
4. Open the digimon list in the map.
5. Take a screenshot.
6. Upload the pic here.

Can u also plz do this for maze.

San said...

are you sure about that? which guide it is? the D-Terminal Dungeon B2 only contains monster that have level 74-76, however it is a rookie champion. So basically, yes you can train there, the monster level only between 74 to 76.

San said...

more advice, when your have reached lv 46, don't ever hope to have a quick level up. the best way so far is veemon at dark tower wasteland, which is still no good for virus digimon

Anonymous said...

click official site
then u see is guide on the right side named "Step by Step Guide for Newbies from GMs"
Scroll down till the end and check the "Alternate Route 1". It says I can train from lvl46 to lvl75.
U can just see this pic from that guide

San said...

well yeah, the digimon over there is 74++

Anonymous said...

I have a question- I got my tamer lvl to 50 yesterday, and I now have access to this map, but for some reason the quests for this map do not show up for me- do you know why? Is there certain quests I absolutely have to finish before it will allow me to do the b2 quests? Or is it my digimon's lvl (65)?? Any help is greatly appreciated

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