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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Released DMO Update June 26th, 2012

Event Period : June 26th, 2012 - July 24th,2012
[Game Update]
• Digimon Max Level has been increased (85 to 90)
• New Map(DigiLabyrinth F1~F4) and pertinent New Quests has been added
• New Digimon (BlackGatomon & Fanbeemon) has been added

• "Angel Ring" (Lopmon Burst Mode) has been added
Digimon Archive will be expanded (40 to 80)
• Amplification Booster + 100%(1/5/10units) has been added
• Summer Avatar 12 Kinds has been added
  (Skin Scuba, Beach Wear, Swimming Wear + Green, Yellow, Red, Black = 12 Kinds Total)
• Denial Option for Guild Registration has been added
• A problem when hunting Wendigomon, normal Lopmon digiegg doesn’t drop has been fixed
• Normal Digiegg has been added in the Digicore Shop (All items 5 Digicore)
• 100% Exp on weekdays and 200% Exp on weekends
digimon masters blackgatomon evolution line blackgatomon skill guide new digimon on Jule
More stay connected event as usual. 30 minutes for Giant Growth Fruit. 1 hour for Ice Flakes, an consumable item to restore 1600 HP and 1200 DS. 3 hours for Strawberry Ice Flakes which has same effect as 100% exp booster (30 minutes) and 5 hours, wtf?! for a Red Miracle Fruit.
 digimon masters fanbeemon evolution line fanbeemon skill guide new digimon on Jule
You can get Ice which is dropped by any wild digimons. Collect 25 pieces for a Summer Gift Box. It is pretty nice to know that we have a chance to get Evolutor and Fruit of The Goddess. Happy playing! ^^


Anonymous said...

Hey, my names Tsz Kit.

Just wanted to say ur blogs pretty helpful for a beginner like me :P

However, it's really hard to get money and eggs in this game!!! Agree?

San said...

thx a lot ^^

well, it wasn't this hard before.. I made 5 tera in 2 weeks by bargain and selling around dats center, which is pretty much for 3 months ago.. :P

the price always goes up in GDMO, there are no standart price. I bought 10 evos for 2,75T, keep it for 2 months, see how much its worth now..

the other things are you will feel it easier when you have reach around 50, bcoz the enemy's drop (cracked egg) is worthy enough. moreover, just figure it out your own way. everything will be easy if you know how it works, like a life's journey.. LOL

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