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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Released DMO Update June 19th, 2012

This update looks very interesting for some people. Now, every player has a chance to get a Kudamon DigiEgg or Gizumon DigiEgg from event by purchasing ExVeemon, Veedramon, or Salamon egg. More event detail :

[Game Update]
• The event 'Bigger and Stronger, more awesome Fun' and ‘Buy New Digimon,
   Get 1 Piece of Rope’ has been extended for 1 more week, until June 26th, 2012
• An event ‘Digimon is on Sale!’ has begun
   Event Period : June 19th, 2012 to June 26th, 2012 (1 Week)
   Event Details :
     - ExVeemon, Veedramon & Salamon 50% Discount
       From 70 Silk - Now 35 Silk
• Additional Event alongside with ‘Digimon is on Sale!'
   - A. 50 Tamers who purchase digimon on sale will be selected to get one Gizumon DigiEgg
   - B. 50 Tamers who succeed getting 5/5 on that discounted digimon will be selected to get
          one Kudamon DigiEgg
• The Disconnection experienced by tamers with a upon using a certain digimon has been fixed.


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