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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Released DMO Update June 5th, 2012

[Game Update]
• New Digimon :
    Armadillomon & Doggymon
• New Item :
    Critical Arm (Funjinmon Item)
• New Event ‘Buy New Digimon, Get 1 piece of Rope’ has been opened
• Field Drop Digimon has been added
• Renamon and Agumon Tamers Event has ended\
• Twelve Heavenly General Event for May has ended and the Title of May has been provided
   to all users (Go to your Cash Shop Warehouse, get the item and use it to get the Title)
• Twelve Heavenly General Event for June has begun (The item for Title of June
   will be provided if collecting 100 Crystalloids)
• 2 pieces of Rope has been provided to all user
• The event prize of "Guilmon to Dukemon" for the 2nd batch has been provided


Chris Redfield said...

Hi, I'm a new DMO player. My IGN in Leviamon server goes by Hikari Ryuuji. Your blog has been a very good source for a starter like me, I've been coming to your blog very often since then. However, I've a few newbie questions of my own that of my concern and I'd really like to consult you. Is there of any way for me to confer with you? Thanks in advance!

San said...

I am so glad hearing that this blog helps you so much.. well, I don't mind to have conversion here at comment box.. or you can email me at evil_smile93@yahoo.com

I just visited your blog, it is so unique.. I like it.. keep going! ;)

San said...

thanks to you, I have considered to add a chat box. please use it if u have another questions. thanks

Chris Redfield said...

Why, thanks. Personally, I'm not much of a blogger myself and WOW, I'm glad you like it. My friends had been complaining how messy my blog was, on the contrary. I'm currently having finals, it will end in another few days time. I shall mail you my questions by then. The chatbox looks pretty neat! Hey, you know what, with those questions accumulating in the chatbox with the progressing time, you could compile them and make them into a FAQ eventually. =D Keep up the good work, man.

P/S: I see someone has already make a comment in your chatbox.

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